Shipping & Returns

All products on our website basically have real pictures, detailed descriptions, materials, sizes and models wear examples, please do not imagine. Natural stones, crystals, pearls will have a normal degree of defects,please be aware of it.



01 Color Variation Description: Please note that variations in color might occur due to factors like the background in product photos, differences in lighting, and variations in computer monitor settings.  These variations are beyond our control and are not indicative of a quality issue.  The actual products may differ slightly in color, but we ensure they match the descriptions provided.  Our jewelry is primarily handmade, and slight color variations or minor flaws are normal.  Please consider this before placing your order.

02 Shipping Information: Once you place an order and complete the payment, we will ship your items within 48 hours (two days).  If, by any chance, a product is out of stock, we will contact you to inform you of the delay.

03 Express Delivery: Our default shipping method is DHL.  If you require a different courier service or need your items urgently, please get in touch with our customer service team.

04 Receiving Your Order: When receiving your order, it’s essential to sign for it in person.  If someone else, like a family member, friend, or doorman, signs for the package, it will be considered as received.  We strongly recommend that you inspect the items immediately upon delivery.  If any items are damaged during transportation, please address the issue directly with the delivery personnel or refuse to sign for the delivery.

05 After-Sales Support: If you encounter any quality issues with your purchase within three days of receiving it, please contact us promptly.  We will respond and arrange for an exchange.  We cannot accept returns or replacements for subjective reasons, such as personal preferences or if the item doesn’t match your expectations.  However, if the product exhibits objective quality problems like rust, paint issues, or missing components, we will accept returns.

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