What are the other ingredients of 925 sterling silver ?

In fact, in the international standard silver content of 92.5% silver can be collectively referred to as pure silver, our daily life in the purchase of silver jewelry and some silver products will be found marked with 925, which means that its silver content is within 92.5%, in the natural state of 100% pure silver is very soft, Therefore, when making jewelry or silver products, it is easy to deformation and scratch phenomenon, in order to increase its hardness and oxidation resistance, other metal materials will be added on the basis of high purity silver to make alloys to improve hardness and oxidation resistance. The basic ratio of 925 silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal components, the main components of which are copper, zinc and other metal materials, which will be integrated into the synthesis according to the characteristics of the final performance of the material in different proportions. Like all kinds of jewelry brands we often know, the type of metal addition and the content of the ratio of 925 silver will be different. Different types of alloys and different content will vary slightly in the hardness, toughness, luster, oxidation and luster color after oxidation of silver jewelry, of course, some of this difference is subtle need us to slowly experience and observe in daily wear, which may also be the greatest pleasure in wearing silver jewelry. Because as time goes by, it will slowly show you a different beauty…

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